The Garden of Art

Elegant, surreal, erotic, ecological, autobiographical, perpetual, populist, comic! These are the words that describe the work of noted Regina sculptor Victor Cicansky. The book celebrates the voice, life, and art of this prolific prairie-based artist. Nature, tamed or wild, informs everything he makes; worlds we recognize with pleasure, where cabbages are kings. This book is written in a style that is informed by, yet not overburdened with, critical analysis, allowing the art to speak for itself.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
The Garden of Art 1
Prologue 8
Vic at Work (1) 12
A Basic Chronology 16
Vic at Work (2) 22
Childhood 26
Vic the Early Artist 34
Davis 40
September 24, 2001– A Day in the Life 46
Origins 50
Reputation 58
Vic at Work (3) 66
Public Works 70
April 7–8, 2002 – A Day in the Life 80
Politics 84
Vic at Work (4) 88
Analysis 90
The Future 98
Notes 99
Works 100
List of Works 168
Solo Exhibitions 171