Faculty of Nursing on the Move

This book provides a historical analysis of the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary in contrast and comparison to the broader evolution of academic nursing in Canada. It addresses how the faculty has responded to important social trends and changes in health care policy and helps the reader to understand contemporary nursing issues. Starting with the dramatic changes in health care policy after the Second World War, it establishes the role of nursing education as pivotal to a growing health care industry. The book then moves on to describe the challenge of developing an identity for an academic unit within the larger academic and health care structure. This book will be of particular interest to anyone involved in women's studies as it represents a case study for broader women's issues within an academic environment.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Faculty of Nursing on the Move 1
Acknowledgments 6
Table of Contents 8
List of Illustrations 10
List of Abbreviations 14
Foreword 16
Introduction 20
1 The Quest for "More and Better-Qualified Nurses" 28
2 The Establishment of an Academic Nursing Unit, 1969–79 46
3 The Expansion of Education, Research, and Service, The Eighties 104
4 Change and Continuity, 1990–2004 176
Epilogue 250
Chapter Endnotes 256
A: List of Graduate Student Awards, 1983–2004 286
B: List of Undergraduate Student Awards, 1975–2004 300
C: List of Faculty Members, 1969–2004 304
D: List of Professors Emeritus 307
E: List of Adjunct Faculty Members, 2004 308
F: List of Staff Members, 1969–2004 309
Bibliography 312
A 328
Index 328
B 329
C 330
E 331
F 331
D 331
H 332
G 332
I 333
J 333
M 334
L 334
K 334
N 335
O 336
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